About Us

    At Primally Nourished, our goal is to promote healthy bodies and minds through natural means. Our bodies consist of a resilient and profoundly complex network of cells and organisms working in unison to keep us thriving when we take care of ourselves. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness that emphasizes good nutrition, encourages movement, and practices for a healthy mindset.

    Primally Nourished was inspired by co-founder Jodi Thomas's pursuit of improving her health through alternative methods. When faced with limited options, including undesirable pharmaceuticals and diagnoses of incurable conditions, she dug deeper into more natural methods of addressing her ailments. Discovering food sensitivities and intolerances, maintaining a well-balanced organic diet, practicing mindfulness and meditation to heal emotional wounds, and following a natural healing path made all the difference.

    Her debilitating conditions improved and subsided with time through these various lifestyle changes. Her passion for discovery and sharing emerging information grew with her health and inspired her to develop Primally Nourished so that others can be empowered to effect positive change in their lives as well. To be "the change we want to see" means contributing to society in a way that honors the interconnection of us all. As we embrace positive and compassionate behaviors, we raise our vibration, healing ourselves, our families, communities, and humanity as a collective.

    Pursuing a healthy life can be a complex journey of seemingly endless research and trial and error. Primally Nourished seeks to provide a comprehensive platform of reliable resources to assist you in this journey. All things health, all in one place, the management of me made simple!

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